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Introducing Trinky

We are currently in BETA!

What is Trinky?
A trinky is a small, low-cost display with pieces of internet information everywhere you need it. You can put your multiple trinky devices in front of your desk, in your closet, in your bathroom or at the counter of your business. Show off your social media tweets, facebook likes and yelp ratings to encourage engagement. This is the part of the philosophy behind the "Internet of Things" where information is everywhere, not just on your phone and computer.

Why did you make Trinky?
Everyday I wake up I get the weather from Siri to prepare the family for the day. One day I thought, the weather is public information why do I have to do through my phone just to see it? It should be always on, like a wall clock and placed in the bathroom, or inside the closet, basically everywhere I need to see it. That’s when my idea for came in, a small WiFi display that shows any type of information from the internet including weather, stocks, sports, pictures, tweets, yelp, facebook and more. Still not sure about the market potential but I learned alot, electronics, embedded chip programming, 3D printing design, and ReactJS for the web. Let me know what you think about this idea, thanks!

Want to learn more about Trinky?
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